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The Demise of Freedom

Posted on Thu Feb 20th, 2020 @ 5:52pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Ensign Georgette Lemare & Crewman Recruit Bryn Chisuga & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord

Mission: Honour & Blood
Location: Engineering

Lazarus Kord worked dutifully on the manifold panel as he addressed the issues of the ships recent fluctuations in power. He had found a poorly maintained power conduit that serviced one of the main lines and discovered it had corroded to the point of disrepair. His tail stuck out of the jefferies tube in which he dangled from, the clinks and clacks and occasional hisses of an engineer at work in his trade heard.

Bryn, the captains young yeoman assistant had been tasked with checking up on everything repair wise. The young teenage girl found herself standing outside the conduit, watching the reptilian working.
"Excuse me. Mister Kord. Captain Vermillion wants a status update" she asked nervously. She had only ever seen the Gorn from a distance and this close he looked terrifying.

The tail stopped swaying, and an audible grunt was heart along with a clang of metal on metal. He huffed inside the tube, the noise echoing.

"Tell her it'll be another hour," Lazarus' voice echoed, gruff and full of tired strain. "I almost got it. Just need a little more time. Been flaking away at the chips and pieces, the crews really missed this one."

"Ok" Bryn said as she tapped on her PADD to make another note. She just hoped that Captain Vermillion was a patient person, but it seemed that she wasn't at times. However deal with the Gorn Chief Engineer was different, she only hoped that the repairs were good quality rather than rushed. "I'll pass that on"

He snorted, the sounds of him picking his tools up could be heard. "Good," he grunted out, "now if you'll excu-"

The explosion was instant. Wherein usually a detonation similar to this takes a bit of time, this time, it would feel almost instantaneous. One moment there was another sound of metal clanging on metal, the next a bright flash of light and arching of electrical energy followed by an intense concussive blast that echoed in the tube. A second later, Lazarus' limp body slid down the tube and on the floor, his scales a bloody mess as there were visible heat scars and patches all across his skin. His uniform had almost entirely been electrocuted to dust. Blood oozed from various orifices then, followed by what appeared to be a settling of the body from a tense state.

"What the!" Bryn exclaimed. "Chisuga to Sickbay. Medical Emergency!" she said slapping her comm badge quickly. It didn't take long, a small medical team led by Ensign Lemare arrived carrying med kits.

"Jesus!" she exclaimed as she approached. "What happened?!"

"Some sort of explosion?" Bryn said shaking slightly.

"Ok, sit down and let us handle this" Georgette said simply as she crouched down next to the Gorn and began to scan him with her tricorder. "He's suffered a lot of injuries. Have the transporter room beam him and the whole team to sickbay"

[Sick Bay]

Alfred Simon, a medical officer with the crew, watched as the Gorn's bloody form materialized on the sickbay bed. He had already been informed, as well as two other doctors, that there would be an emergency transport. He quickly got his gear and set it down beside the bed. The sickbay bed's tone surprisingly had a pulse, but it was weak and feeble, and slowly degrading. He grabbed his instruments.

"Lifesigns fading," he calmly said, looking over the body as another Doctor arrived to cut away what remained of his uniform - there wasn't much. "Extensive damage to the epidermis, or scales as it were. Possibly third degree burns or worse. I'm not sure how he's alive."

"Probably Gorn biology," remarked another idly.

Aldred merely agreed with a nod. He took his tricorder and scanned, then all at once stopped. His face wrinkled. He gazed up at the other Doctors, two in total, who equally glimpsed his expression with a profound sense of foreboding. Almost as if on cue, the second Medical Officer tried to put in a hypo. The hypo gave an error. Again, he tried, but the same error. He sadly looked back to Alfred and shook his head.

"It's cooked, from the inside out," he remarked to Alfred. "There's nothing to hypo. How he's alive is a miracle."

Alfred looked down at the Gorn. He shook his head. "He's not alive," he surmised. "His body thinks it is, but...the only thing that survived was one of his hearts. I can't even register what the other organs are. There is nothing to register."

"What about his brain?" one asked hopefully. Alfred, in a spur of hope, scanned there.

A moment later, looking defeat, he shook his head. "Mush," he said. He closed his tricorder. "He's a corpse. He's dead. Mark time."

As Alfred turned to activate his communicator, the life signs on the table faded to nothing. The last remaining organ gave out. He sighed and tapped away.

=A= Medical to the Captain, the Chief Engineer is dead. His....the...there was literally nothing left uncooked. The amount of electricity in his body...he's dead, ma'am. I'm sorry. =A=

[Ready Room]

Mavis sat bolt upright at the sudden news. "What the..." she exclaimed. She didn't like the idea of a member of the crew being killed under her watch. She let out a sad sigh. She had liked that gorn.

=A= Understood. I'll have the XO prepare a memorial for the fallen officer. For now I want to know what happened =A= she replied simply.

[Sick Bay]

Alfred reviewed his notes. The information was still coming in, especially from the fellow Engineering and Security Officers on scene. It appeared it was a straightforward case of an electrical arcing incident. It made sense, considering the extensive and visible injuries. He tapped his communicator to reply, the one hand examining his PADD as data flowed in.

=A= It appears that while in the process of cleaning and extensively corroded power conduit, the Lieutenant caused an arch to connect from the conduit to himself =A=, Alfred explained.

=A= From the reports, the Lieutenant Kord had shut down the power, but the system had initiated a preprogrammed service check on the conduit that had not been addressed prior. When he went back to working on the material, without knowing he pressed his tool into an active conduit and basically fried himself. From the looks of it, it was instantaneous, and I don't think he felt a thing. Captain, he basically has no brain left, it's mush. His body was trying to pump blood with his remaining heart, but that's since failed, he had no blood vessels to work with. It was all fried. I've never seen anything like it. I'll send a full report when I'm done. =A=

Sighing, Alfred ended the communication. Behind him, Lazarus body had been fitted into a body bag. He shook his head sadly. Such a senseless death.

[Ready Room]

Mavis sighed. Such a meaningless death. "Well" she said to herself. "At least he died free..."

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