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Mission: Honour & Blood
Location: Turbolift


After Mavis stepped into turbolift, Tristan followed, placing his hands behind his back. When the doors shut, he said firmly "Shuttle bay." and waited for it to move. After a few seconds he said. "Stop Turbolift. Security Lock: Delta Three Omega Eight." The turbolift stopped in place, as the lights dimmed slightly, before he turned to face her. "What the hell is this?"

"A turbolift?" Mavis replied simply slightly confused at what he was getting at.

"Cut the shit." Tristan shouted, looking to her intently, as he crossed his arms over his chest. "What the hell was that, back there? Taunting the Hercules?! Preparing to give them ultimatums?! Firing on them, not because they were a threat, but because you were pissed." He took a step to her and added. "If your plan for this ship, and its crew, is to prove that not all Terran Empire officers are assholes... you off to a great start."

Mavis sighed. "I intend to show then that I am capable of changing this Empire" she explained. "I'm going to use their own stupid Captain as an example of how that sort of thinking is wrong and too dangerous" she paused taking in a deep breath. "I'll be giving them a choice, they can join the Ashas crew and benefit from the same freedoms and under the same rules as everyone on this ship, or I'll let them crawl back to the Empire dishonoured and ashamed of themselves. That's why I'm not going to kill the crew"

"They suckered you, Mavis! The pushed you into shooting at them first, so they can claim they were attacked unprovoked! You played right into their hand by reacting angry." Tristan shouted before placing his hands on his face, breathing deeply, before removing them. "Dammit, Mavis... how are you gonna show you are capable of changing the Empire when you're going to get into a fight with whoever pushes your buttons? You're father can't protect you everytime you decide to show force over someone who angered you. If too many of those end up on his desk, he can't hide them all or explain his way out of it forever. It's gonna look badly on you, more so, if you're attacking other Terran Empire ships." He looked down, holding back his full anger, as he said softly. "How the hell am I the one trying to be reasonable here? I'm usually the one on the other side." He looked up to her and grabbed her shoulders. "Mavis... we can't go around fighting everyone who pisses you off. We have to be better then them for your idea to work. The moment you let them force your hand, over some stupid words, you are no better then them and your little mission is dead before it even began. Use your head."

That hit home a bit more for Mavis, she was acting the very Terran that she didn't want to be. She stood there for a few seconds in silence, going over everything in her mind. True the Asha had fired first, but the Hercules was prepared to destroy their own to cover something up. Something that Mavis might be able to use to her advantage.
"At least no one has been killed yet" she explained. "I was going to get rid of their Captain, take any of their crew who wanted to join us and then leave the rest stranded on their own ship... however" she paused again. "Maybe I should still offer the crew that choice, but leave the others with a message and a warning" she ran through it as she spoke it out loud. "Maybe, if we use this opportunity to plant an idea, we might be more successful in the long run?"

"It's too late for should of's and Maybes. There is no telling what we walked into, like I was trying to tell you. For all we know, that shuttle, could be escaped prisoners or traitors. Mutineers who failed to capture the Hercules and was trying to get way. Or it could have been a private matter all together. There is not telling what was going on here, and contacting the Hercules, was never going to get you answers. If you wanted to help the shuttle, they should have been your first contact. At least then you would have gotten some of the story and maybe even heard them ask for help." Tristan replied quickly. "We dropped into a situation without knowing what was going on and now we are knee deep into it. If we go out there, shooting at everyone, no one will tell us anything. Stunned people can't talk. For now, focus on getting answers, from both parties and determine which is true or which has holes that don't make sense. Its the only way you will get to the bottom of whats going on. If you want to question the Captain and XO for answers, thats fine, but no shooting unless provoked. Give them a chance to surrender and to answer your questions now that you have the upper hand."

He paused for a moment, crossing his arms over his chest, before adding. "Split the work. Send two teams. One to the shuttle survivors and one to the Hercules. Both teams will question and determine whats going on and we'll meet to discuss what we learned. Tell the Gorn to assess the damage to the shuttle. Maybe he can determine, by analyzing the damage, how long this chase has been going on and if they were trying to disable or kill. Disabling means they are important to the Hercules in some way. Killing them would imply they were trying to hide something. Either way, something is going on here, and paying the strong hand will only go us so far. We have to be smart. If these people are in danger, and we manage to save their lives, it may give us some allies and then, only then, will you be able to spread that message about our cause. What do you think?"

Mavis thought it all over. "Alright, but if this goes tits up, I'll need your skills to get is out of here quickly. I do know one thing, how can a child be responsible for something that warrants a Terran ship firing upon a shuttle they're in. Obviously as you've said, theres more than meets the eye here. But I don't trust that Captain. He doesn't seem to value life like we do from what I've seen" Mavis explained. "What you're saying is that we should get both sides of the story correct?". Mavis could accept when she fucked something up, afterall she had no official command training and most of her actions came from her feelings and emotions rather than logical thinking. She looked away, this was a blunder than could cost not just her own life, but her crews too.

"You know I will, but you can't let your emotion push you into something like this again. You have to stay focused and play it smart. Think of what you want and find a way to get it. You want to prove that you are not like them? Then don't respond like them. You have to be smarter. You have to be better. You have to think before you act and consider the consequences." Tristan took a few steps back and crossed his arms, looking at her intently. "There is defiantly a mystery here so we need to determine what they know and what we can prove and disprove. Consider the options carefully before making a final call, because that call, may come back on us someday." He paused for a moment before adding. "Being a Captain is learning to, sometimes, picking the lesser of two evils and dealing with the consequence. We can't win them all, Mavis, so we shouldn't try. We have a mission in mind and the more people who are against us the less of a chance we have at seeing it through. I told you this from the beginning. This is a mission that is very difficult, but worth it. It's not gonna be easy and some of us may not live long enough to see it come to to its end, so we have to consider leaving those we trust to continue the fight."

He paused for a moment before saying. "You know I love you Mavis, but you react more before you think, and its often got you into trouble. You're a Captain now and that means, your decisions, will come down on all of us. We have your back, but sometimes you need to consider that before making a decision that could, very well, put us all in danger. These people seem like the type who will fight for you, this cause, but there are others who will say they will and turn against you once they see a moment of weakness. You have to be careful for them, because sometimes, you don't know it till the very end. The Hercule's already lured us in, so its time, we change the game. We figure out what they don't want us to know and if thats something we can use or something that will help us out in the long run. The more we know the more we have on our table to determine the best course of action that will benefit us. Don't let them lure you in again, because that's how they know you'll make a mistake, by forcing you to make a decision in the heat of the moment." Tristan stopped, looking down for a moment, before focusing back on her. "I may not be able to escape death again, so you have to remember these things if it means surviving and seeing this through. You have good people here, so use them and their knowledge to see your dream come true. Have faith in them and they will never stir you wrong."

Mavis nodded. It was the very same sort of advice that Viro would have given her back when they were younger. She let out a sigh as it went through her head. "We'll have to play this one by ear for now. But..." she paused looked up at Tristan's face. "I will endeavour to think more in the future. I know I'm not experienced, I'm still young, but I will get there. One day I intend to build a new Empire, and I know it's not going to be easy" she paused again as she turned around and faced the wall of the turbolift, she slowly turned back again a determined expression crept across her face. "But right now, we've got a situation to deal with. I imagine that we may face heavy resistance aboard that ship. But I am going to talk to that son of a bitch, and I am going to make the right decisions.... for both crews"

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