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Distressed Shuttle

Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 2:12pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Commander Sora Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor

Mission: Honour & Blood

The klaxon sounded loudly on the bridge. The ship had sounded red alert and battle stations automatically after receiving a distress call from a Terran Shuttle just inside sensor range. Mavis strode quickly out of her ready room onto the bridge. She wasn't sure what was going on.
"Report" she asked simply.

"Captain, it appears there's a shuttlecraft in trouble", Sora said as she stood from the command chair to allow Mavis to resume her seat. "And from the looks of it, it's being attacked by an Imperial ship, the ISS Hercules. Your orders?"

Mavis looked at the viewscreen that showed the tactical situation.

(Shuttle Craft Phalanx)

Lieutenant Nao Tomori sat at the controls if the failing shuttle. The small craft was losing power.

"So much for escaping..." she cursed as the control panels flickered. She was the only one who could save them now.

She swore as she dodged another volley of phaser fire. She knew it was a long shot, but she needed help from another ship, something capable of getting the ISS Hercules, a Terran Miranda Class frigate off of her back.

(ISS Asha)

Tristan stood at the tactical station, arms crossed and not in uniform, as he looked around the bridge before stating. "We should let them die." He uncrossed his arms, placing them on the top of his console, as he leaned forward looking toward Mavis. "If we get involved we get pushed into this problem and we gain an enemy. We have no idea whats going on here. The Imperial Ship could have a reason for this. A justified one. We don't know, and if we get involved, we could be pulled into something much bigger. We should choose our battles wisely and not go around saving every bleeding heart with a sob story."

"There is that" Mavis said. "However, a Terran Starship doesn't usually turn on its own shuttles. We should at least find out whats going on, once I know the situation I will make the decision" she told him simply as she took her seat. "Get us in range, and hail the Hercules" she ordered.

Sora nodded. "As you command, Captain." As the helm moved the ship within range, she opened hailing frequencies. "ISS Hercules, this is Commander Sora of the ISS Asha, please respond."

The channel opened and a middle aged mans face appeared on the screen. "What do you want?" He asked simply in a hostile tone. He didn't seem to be in a good mood.

Mavis narrowed her eyes. "I want to know why you are attacking that shuttle" she said in response. She didn't like people who mindlessly jumped to conclusions.

"Thats my business. I want that shuttle and officer back, along with the child on board. I'll kill them before anyone takes them away from me" he told them. "Now get lost, before I have to deal with you as well"

"Was that a threat?" Mavis asked her fists clenching.

"It was a fact you stupid bitch. Now get out of my way or else I'll put you back in your place where you belong"

That was it. Mavis had had enough. She stood up from her command chair. "You know what. You're the kind of bastard that thinks hes untouchable because he is a Terran with a penis. I think that its time I rectified that issue. Just for the record, I Captain Mavis Vermillion of the Imperial Starship Asha deem you weak and will note your betrayal to the Terran species".

She reached over to her chair arm and cut the channel.
"Put our shields around that shuttle" she ordered. "Disable the Hercules shields and prepare boarding teams, I want them alive. Bring their Captain and Executive Officer to me" her eyes had fire glowing in them, anyone could see that this is what she wanted.

Tristan shook his head and spoke softly to himself. "What was that about a Terran Starship doesn't usually turn on its own shuttles?" He tapped on the tactical console and looked over to Mavis. "Shields up. Weapons at Full. Should I fire at the Terran with a penis and disable them, or would you just prefer I destroy them and you can boast about how tough you are because you have no penis?"

"Fire to disable them. I want the crew alive" Mavis said simply. She looked back at Tristan. She wanted to make a snide comment about how she did have a penis, his; but now was not the time to truly reveal their relationship.

Tristan let out a sigh as he tapped the console. "Firing phasers at the Hercules's shield array." He expanded the shields around the shuttle, preventing the crew from being shot at or transported out. "Firing again. Shields down to half. A few more volley's should down it." He tapped again, this time locking the last few shots at the shield array so, the moment the shields went down, it would be hit. "Firing again. Shields down... and array damaged." He said, in almost a bored and sarcastic tone. "Changing the view of the Terran Empire... one battle at a time." Tristan said under his breath as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Boarding party is ready. Should I tell them to loot and plunder while I am at it or just disarm the crew and retrieve the Captain and First Officer?"

"Disarm the crew. Gather them in the ships shuttlebay under guard. Apart from the bridge officers" Mavis explained. She walked over to the weapons locker and pulled out a phaser. "Once everyone is subdued, I'll deal with that bastard myself" she said. She looked at Tristan knowing that he would want to come with her. "One thing I want CLEAR. Fire to stun, not kill. I'm going to give them an ultimatum"

Tristan gave her a look, almost as if he was not amused, before gesturing to a tactical officer to take the console. He stepped away and walked to the turbolift, allowing it to open, before gesturing to her with a fake smile. "After the Captain."

"Have the shuttle brought aboard. Get the occupants down to sickbay and wait for my signal" Mavis said looking at Sora.
Mavis strode off the bridge followed by Tristan. She had a plan in mind and she was determined to get the results she seeked.

As the Captain strode off the bridge, Sora moved to the centre seat. Looking around at the crew, she shook her head. "Well, what are you waiting for, you heard what the captain said. Get us in between the Hercules and the shuttle, get that shuttle on board and the people on board to sickbay. Get a move on, people!"

To be continued...


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