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[Prologue] Blood Enemies in Battle

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 1:55pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion

Mission: Honour & Blood
Location: Gas Giant System K89

"Keep on their tail!" Captain Kelly shouted as the ISS Deviant swung around in space, its phases firing. "Don't let that rebel ship get away from us!"

The ISS Deviant, a Nova class scout wasn't the strongest vessel in the Imperial Navy, but she could still pack a punch when she needed to. The ships orange phaser fire burned hot striking their target, an old D7 class Klingon warbird.

"They returning fire" the tactical officer reported just before a single photon torpedo lightly shook the Deviant. The old warbird was no match for the Deviant, such an antiquated vessel by today's standards would never pass in the hostile and war ridden climate.

The Deviant stuck close to the warbird tail, ensuring it was behind the ships for facing disruptor cannons. Even at their age, they could still hit hard and pack a punch. The D7 one hundred years ago had been in its prime and was considered one of the Klingon Empires strongest and most formidable warships. Today however, they were a very rare sight, especially after the Terran Empire invaded and finally conquered the Klingon Empire for the second time.

"Quantum torpedoes!" Captain Kelly ordered. The tactical officer nodded as he released the deadly kinetic weapons towards the warbird. They shone a bright white with a slightly blue tinge as they darted across space. Their explosive power impacting the old shields of the warbird, punching a hole through. The second and third torpedo managing to get through, striking the engines causing them to explode in a brilliant display of yellow and orange.

"We hit their engines Captain!" The tactical officer said. Captain Kelly smiled, he may only have a scout ship but he was a hunter and today he wanted the kill.

"Captain" the middle aged woman said. Lieutenant Thompson, the ships Science officer turned in her chair. "I would advise not getting too close, they are drifting sir. However, my sensors indicate that the gravitational field of the Gas Giant has already grasped them, they'll fall down into it sir. If we follow, we might suffer the same fate" she explained simply. "Either way, on what you decide Captain, they'll be destroyed".

A smile crept across Kelly's face, he could torture the poor defenceless scum, or put them out of their misery for good. "Open a communications channel" he said. The computer beeped to let him know that the Klingon Commander could hear him.

"This is Captain Kelly, you're defenceless and weak. Bow to the Empire and we will consider sparing your lives, otherwise will ensure that you die a slow and dishonourable death!". His voice was that of evil and maliciousness. He didn't really care about them at all.

"We will never surrender to Terran scum! We would rather die then becomes your playthings!" The communication cut off. Kelly shrugged, using two fingers he indicated to his tactical officer to fire again. The torpedoes struck again, the D7's engines now leaking plasma as the impact knocked the ship further into the gravity field.

"Our work is done here" Kelly said simply. "Let them die slowly, they've got no hope of anyone rescuing them and quite frankly, I'm bored of this now. Helm, set us back on course" he ordered.

The Deviant pulled away from the falling Klingon ship and jumped to warp. Meanwhile the stranded and heavily disabled Klingon D7 drifted closer and closer to the gas giants atmosphere. It would only be a matter of time before they entered and the violent and unpredictable forces would RIP the ship to shreds.

To be continued...


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