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Officer Assembly (Part 3)

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 3:36pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Crewman Recruit Bryn Chisuga & Commander Sora Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord & Lieutenant JG Thelin Th' Zarish & Major Keziah Foster
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Mission: Adventure Awaits
Location: Observation Lounge

Previously on Star Trek Asha:

The manifestation looked to Mavis, then back to Tristan, clenching his fists. "We'll regret not killing him. Mark my words, Tristan. It'll be a matter of time before he does it again." Viro looked back to Mavis and sighed. "Even then she wont see how bad he is." He said before fading away.

Tristan looked to Mavis and shook his head. "This was a bad idea, Mav. You'll have to find someone else to do the job." He shook his head and looked back to Sora. "If these people, and you, can't even agree to why we are all here then this mission is dead before it even started. You're an officer, scientist or not, you know the ramifications of this. Changing the way the Terran Empire is seen in the galaxy? Trying to strive for a better future? You know how this will turn out. We'll be cast as traitors because we don't align with the Empire's ways and we'll be hunted and executed as examples to the others who only dream of something like this. Our deaths will throw others like us back into the shadows and they'll have to fear for their own lives and safeties." He looked to Lazarus. "They'll put you back in chains, Gecko, or kill you so the rest of your kind will relent in trying to fight fo their own freedom. I know you don't want that anymore then I want to die again, but I was willing to try because we could set the example for others to try. It can't be done if not all voices at this table can be heard." He looked back to Sora. He stared at her intently before looking to Mavis. "I tried. Sorry. I really do hope this works and you don't die in the process, but if this is what I have to look forward to then its not going to work for us." Tristan finally put his sword back on his back and turned to the door.

And now the continuation...

Mavis had been waiting very patiently for both of them to finish. "Are you two done now?" She asked simply. She didn't seem too phased by what had just happened, she had expected something like this to blow up.

She spun around in her chair to face Tristan. "How about you sit back down. You've made your point" she said softly. Usually a Terran Commander would have dressed them both down for their actions, but Mavis was letting them get it all out in the open air. "Or do I or this ship mean nothing to you... or Viro?" She asked.

Tristan stopped in his place, letting out a sigh, before turning his head slightly to look at Mavis in the corner of his eye. "This ship doesn't mean a damn thing to me. It's just a ship. You mean everything. This mission means something and, should this ship get destroyed, as long as the mission continues it's more then enough."

Sora had stayed silent throughout Tristan's outburst, and not even reacted when his blade had been close to her throat. Now, she walked over to him. "Mister Kor, you are not the only person in this room who feels betrayed by the Empire. Seventeen years ago, my older sister was serving on the ISS Cromwell. That ship was declared lost with all hands after encountering trouble in the Badlands. Several days later, the Edinburgh picked up a peculiar escape pod that had the body of my sister on board. Except that it was not my sister." She paused and looked directly at Kor. "My sister is alive, in a parallel universe, serving in the Federation's Starfleet. I know her ship was not present at the Battle of Terok Nor. I do not know where she is. But I will leave no rock unturned in both this and the other universe until I find her. That is why I am here. I want to find my sister, and with her help, reform the Empire."

She looked around the room. "We all have our own reasons to be here, most of them very personal, I am sure. However, we are all united in one belief. The Empire as it stands today is but a shadow of what it once was, one brought to its heel by corrupt, power hungry, bloodthirsty morons. You will have your vengeance, Mister Kor. I promise you that much. We will find a way to the other universe, and we will come back with a fleet. We will annihilate those that threw this universe into chaos, and restore order, justice, and liberty to our Empire." She nodded. "Yes, to our Empire. Terran, Trill, Gorn, no matter what we are, this should be ours. Equally ours."

Tristan looked at her firmly, crossing his arms over his chest, as he let out a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a moment, hearing Viro's voice shouting in his head to not relent. Soon, he opened his eyes, and replied. "You think vengeance is why I am here?" He looked to Mavis for a moment, mouthing the words I'm sorry before focusing back to Sora as he continued. "If I wanted it I would take it and no one would stop me. I'm here because I believe in this and I love her enough to willingly put myself in harms way to see it done and I have no doubt I would have done the same for everyone else here." He pointed to Sora. "You included."

He took a moment to looked around the room, to get a sense for everyone's state, before continuing. "Knowing my past wont tell anyone where if they can trust me. All it tells you is where I have been and not where I am going. The only thing I was trying to get across before you pushed my buttons was to make sure that we were all on the same page. That we all knew the sacrifices that we would have to endure and that we were ready for it. The Captain may have heard everyone here say that they were ready, but no one else here has, and saying it out loud makes a big difference." He took a step to Sora and spoke firmly and with confidence. "I wanted to use that as a foundation for that trust that would come later. None of us here know each other, with the exception of Mavis and myself, so we can't trust each other from the get go. That takes time, patience, and an open minds." He gestured to Lazarus. "Hell... when I first saw him, I attacked, thinking he was sent here to stop us. We nearly killed each other but we stopped once I was told he was part of the crew. I attacked him because I thought he was my enemy. That was my fault and I own that mistake. That wont stop me from fighting by his side when the times comes, not because its my job, because I trust that Mavis would find someone she knows would do the job to the best of their ability when the time comes and I trust her. In time, maybe we'll trust each other, but until then I have to be willing to accept that he is the right person for his job. Just like everyone else here." He took a moment, and a bit of a sigh, before shaking his head. "But knowing who I was, my past, was more important to you then to hear my words and to give me a little faith. How can we trust each other if you aren't willing to accept that we were all brought here, by the Captain, because she knew it was a good fit?"

Through this all, the Gorn had kept quiet. It wasn't until the Lieutenant Commander had mentioned him for the umpteenth time that the reptilian had about enough. When he stood, he towered over everyone, a menacing hiss emanating from his bulky frame as his eyes - each positioned on either side of his reptilian head - gazed and sometimes individually looked at everyone present. As his head turned towards Tristan, his eyes locked forward, almost like some sort of predator from the jurassic period of Earth's prehistoric history come to life. His nostrils flared, heavily snorted, then he spoke slowly and fluently.

"Your constant complaining is exactly why your Terran Empire is crumbling," hissed the Gorn. His eyes trailed to those around the room. "I do not care why you are all here, how you got here, none of you should. It demonstrates volumes on how pathetic you all are by complaining about such an irrelevant part of this ship. If anyone here has any justification to kill any Terran, it is I, your former slave. Yet I have not."

His eyes trained sternly on Tristan again. "Not out of some false sense of duty and comradery," he said, almost spitting the words, "but because I was given a chance at freedom by a Commander who didn't torture me. My past is inconsequential to the functioning of my position, it is my experience that is relevant, what I can do. I suggest to all of you Terran's-" he said the word as if it were a curse "-to think hard on this knowledge."

His nostrils flared again, breathing heavily before his eyes closed, his frame adjusting as he took in a breath and seemed to calm his posture. The Gorn's eyes opened, reflective now, eyeing everyone. "It is my recommendation we each discard who we were to better acquaint with one another. You are no longer citizens of an Empire, you are crew under a Captain, given a second chance to prove your honor and worth. Let us use that as our foundation instead of this pathetic squabbling."

As he sat, he gave a light snort, continuing briefly. "Circling a dead carcass in hopes of finding pieces of leftover meat does not suit my tastes, and I refuse to partake in such efforts that have been similarly demonstrated here. I am not a scavenger, I am a hunter, a killer, an apex predator. I will not submit my will or eardrums to anyone other than an equal."

To be continued...


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