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Officer Assembly (Part 2)

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 3:31pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Crewman Recruit Bryn Chisuga & Commander Sora Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord & Lieutenant JG Thelin Th' Zarish & Major Keziah Foster
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Mission: Adventure Awaits
Location: Observation Lounge

Previously on Star Trek Asha:

Tristan looked at Sora, stern and firm, as he raised a brow and asked. "What does me wanting to ensure we are all here, and understand, what the goal of this crew is have anything to do with me hiding my history? I was never given the chance to bring it up or deny it." He crossed his arms over his chest and continued. "Is your coat, and uniform, on to tight so its cutting off circulation to your brain making it hard for you to think straight?"

"Well, well, well," Sora said, breaking out into laughter. She walked up to Kor and reduced her voice to a menacing whisper. "Mister Kor, I just gave you the chance to bring up any history or agenda you deem fit to mention, or indeed deny." She once again smirked. "Your response suggests to that you do indeed have something to hide." Slowly, she took a step back and casually threw back the side of her coat, revealing an elegant sabre and a phaser pistol by her side. "So if you want anyone to be forthcoming with information, you better get the ball rolling yourself."

And now the continuation...

Tristan raised a brow, tilting slightly to the left to lock eyes with Mavis, then returned to a straight stance and locking eyes with Sora. He looked down for a moment, a smirk on his face.

"Run her through. Kill her dead. Let her blood coat that Terran Uniform!" A voice echoed in his head as a transparent figure formed next to Sora, one of a man in a Terran Uniform, dirty and bloody, staring intently at her. "Then steal her coat. It's a nice coat." The figure looked to Tristan, who raised his head and looked to Sora, before fading away.

Tristan took his sheathed blade from the table and gripped it tightly in his hand. He took a step forward, locking his eyes with Sora while his face remained cold and stern, before stopping in front of her. "You planning on killing me? How many people have you killed with that thing?" He stared deep into her eyes, unyielding, before smiling darkly. "Knowing my past wont change the fact that I would kill you, and everyone here, dead without hesitation. You wont see it coming either. You wont know what hit you until its done."

He looked around the room, making sure each of them were paying attention, before looking back to Sora. "I'm the wildcard here. You would think it would be the Gorn, a former slave serving on a Terran Ship, but it's not. It's me. The man who hates the Empire with a passion. A man who has dropped more people in that uniform then you would care to believe, and yet, I am here. On this ship. Dedicating my skill and life to keep it safe." He paused slightly. "Is that why you're threatening me, Long Coat? Did I kill someone close to you or are you testing my loyalty by pushing the wildcard to reveal more of himself to please your caution?"

He eyeballed her, up and down, easing closer to her. "It can't be the former, because you would have pulled one of your clean weapons out by now. No. You don't stand like a solider. You certain want to look the part, but you don't stand like one. You're eyes aren't that of someone who has put their life on the line to protect someone, or something, that means everything." He pointed to the Gorn, then to Foster, then to Mavis. "They have fought. They have seen death. They have sacrificed." Tristan took one final step closer to her and leaned close, like he was taking in the air around her, before straightening up and looking her dead in the eyes. "What would you know about that.... scientist?"

"Yes, my weapons are clean, Mister Kor, you are right," Sora said, snorting, and taking a step back from Kor. "And you know why that is? Because I take care of them. Only a properly maintained weapon is a reliable one. I admit, I have not killed with this particular weapon, but that is only because it is fairly new. I lost my previous blade when we were forced to defend ourselves against Klingon boarders as we tried to cover Admiral Leeta's retreat at the Terok Nor debacle."

She paused. "I am a scientist, indeed. I am a specialist in time travel and dimensional travel. And believe me, I am no friend of the Empire's leadership myself. Not after how that stupid slut Leeta went and completely wasted the opportunities she had. As for threatening you, please. I don't waste my breath on threats. If I wanted to end you, I could extinguish you before you were even born."

Quickly, and without warning, Tristan released the sheathed blade in his hand. As it dropped he lunged at her, moving with a speed and grace, as he grabbed the back of her head. With a handful of her hair, and a crazed look in his eyes, he pulled her head back and threw her other hand upward as a hidden blade was extend from within his sleeve. He stopped the tip of it inches from her throat as he leaned in close.

"KILL HER! KILL HER KILL HER!!!!!" The voice screamed in his head as the manifestation of his past host appeared by Sora's side, screaming in her ear.

With no fear, and possibly many weapons aimed at him, he spoke in a slightly raised voice with a hit of madness behind it. "Then maybe you can go back in time and stop the Terran Mutt who killed us!! At least you would have a more obedient officer on your ship!!"

"Do it, Tristan. Do it. Kill her in front of all of them. Set an example for the rest so that they wont ever fuck with us! Do it! Do it now!!" The manifestation said with an evil smile.

After a few deep breaths he look into Sora's eyes, wrestling with his own demons, as he question his own tactics. His face shifted slowly to an almost shocked look, but he hid it slightly behind something far different. He released Sora, and shoved her away, looking at her and no one else. Tristan flicked his wrist and triggered the blade to recede back into his sleeve as he looked into her eyes firmly, a bit of regret hidden behind them, as he spoke. "Then kill me and save you and everyone the trouble of doing it later." He slowly picked up his sheathed sword again and added. "If you want to know more about me then look up the corpse of a man named Lieutenant Viro Kor. You'll find a good and obedient solider who wanted nothing more than to Captain a ship and be with the love of his life. To become an honorable officer and valued member of the Terran Empire."

"No... NO! Stop it. Stop." The manifestation protested, walking over to Tristan's side. "We had her in our grasp. Why did you let her go?!!"

"Much like you, Commander, I wore that uniform proudly. I even did what I was told to do... I died in it." Tristan smirked slightly, laughing darkly almost, as he looked down for a moment before returning his gaze back to Sora. "It wasn't by my enemy, like I was taught to do in training, it was by another officer in the same uniform." He shifted to one of anger as he narrowed his eyes. "And it was by the father of the very woman I loved." He pointed to Mavis. "Her father. The very Admiral who gave us this opportunity. An opportunity I questioned the first time I saw him, face to face, right before I put my blade to his throat. I wanted to kill him so badly." He looked to Mavis for a second before looking back. "You have no idea how much it kills me to be here knowing he is partly responsible."

The manifestation looked to Mavis, then back to Tristan, clenching his fists. "We'll regret not killing him. Mark my words, Tristan. It'll be a matter of time before he does it again." Viro looked back to Mavis and sighed. "Even then she wont see how bad he is." He said before fading away.

Tristan looked to Mavis and shook his head. "This was a bad idea, Mav. You'll have to find someone else to do the job." He shook his head and looked back to Sora. "If these people, and you, can't even agree to why we are all here then this mission is dead before it even started. You're an officer, scientist or not, you know the ramifications of this. Changing the way the Terran Empire is seen in the galaxy? Trying to strive for a better future? You know how this will turn out. We'll be cast as traitors because we don't align with the Empire's ways and we'll be hunted and executed as examples to the others who only dream of something like this. Our deaths will throw others like us back into the shadows and they'll have to fear for their own lives and safeties." He looked to Lazarus. "They'll put you back in chains, Gecko, or kill you so the rest of your kind will relent in trying to fight fo their own freedom. I know you don't want that anymore then I want to die again, but I was willing to try because we could set the example for others to try. It can't be done if not all voices at this table can be heard." He looked back to Sora. He stared at her intently before looking to Mavis. "I tried. Sorry. I really do hope this works and you don't die in the process, but if this is what I have to look forward to then its not going to work for us." Tristan finally put his sword back on his back and turned to the door.

To be continued...


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