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Officer Assembly (Part 4)

Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 3:44pm by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Crewman Recruit Bryn Chisuga & Commander Sora Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord & Lieutenant JG Thelin Th' Zarish & Major Keziah Foster

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Location: Observation Lounge

Previously on Star Trek Asha:

His nostrils flared again, breathing heavily before his eyes closed, his frame adjusting as he took in a breath and seemed to calm his posture. The Gorn's eyes opened, reflective now, eyeing everyone. "It is my recommendation we each discard who we were to better acquaint with one another. You are no longer citizens of an Empire, you are crew under a Captain, given a second chance to prove your honor and worth. Let us use that as our foundation instead of this pathetic squabbling."

As he sat, he gave a light snort, continuing briefly. "Circling a dead carcass in hopes of finding pieces of leftover meat does not suit my tastes, and I refuse to partake in such efforts that have been similarly demonstrated here. I am not a scavenger, I am a hunter, a killer, an apex predator. I will not submit my will or eardrums to anyone other than an equal."

And now the continuation...

Lazarus's eyes did a final take on those present, then on Tristan with almost a snarl present, before he crossed his arms across his chest and delegated himself to listen to the response.

"I already proved to you how much of a hunter and predator I am when I put you on your back, Gecko, so don't think that you are any better then the rest of us." Tristan replied, returning the Gorn's gaze. "If you hate talking then you're on the wrong ship and in the wrong room. So either get used to it or never come out of under your rock."

Keziah sighed and decided to voice her frustration at the bickering which was going on. She was here for a staff briefing - not to see Imperial officers arguing amongst eachother.

"Oh for goodness sake can we just shut the fuck up and act like adults please?" Keziah said.

Mavis stood up and began to slowly cross the room towards the replicator. It seemed to fall silent as she tapped at its controls. She turned around a few seconds later with a hot drink in her hand.

She looked at everyone in turn, not saying a word or making s movement. Slowly she lifted the cup to her lips and took a sip. "So...." she said. "We're a crew of arguing, untrustworthy, murderous, angry bastards..." she said simply. She took another sip of her drink.

Suddenly without warning she launched the cup and its contents across the room. It shattered on impact and the contents, now revealed to have been coffee splattered across the far bulkhead.

"HOW are WE going to create a better empire if we can't even get along here?!" She ended up shouting at them all. "You all signed up for this didn't you? You all have something to prove or something that benefits you don't you?" She asked simply. "We all share something in common here" she said. "We ALL have blood stained hands, we've seen the torture, the betrayal and the genocide. You're here to make a difference right? So stop acting like children and stop trying to 'one-up' each other or else this may aswell be a meeting of Terran politicians!"

"Does anyone have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say, or anything that needs airing out right now, right here. This is your one and only chance. If you guys need to say it, then do it now. Because if something happens and we lose anyone due to lack of trust, the person who caused it won't get off lightly. That I can assure you of" Mavis explained her green eyes narrowing and her voice tone dropping to dead serious and stern range.

Tristan looked around the room at everyone before looking to Mavis. He seemed unaffected, having dealt with Mavis like this before, and shook his head. "So... you throw a perfectly good cup of coffee across the room and we are the only ones acting like children?"

Mavis just stared at Tristan her eyes narrow and quite clearly not pleased. She had only done so to get everyone's attention.

Tristan returned the look before shrugging. "This whole thing seems to be a bust. So, why don't we call it a day, so everyone can cool down. I have my own meeting to attend and maybe someone there will be willing to replace me."

"I suggest we all decide who we are all here for," replied the Gorn, ignoring Tristan. "Either we are here to avenge our past or we are here to forge a new future."

Keziah turned in her chair to face Mavis - completely unnerved by the fact she'd just thrown a warm beverage across the room. Things like that didn't bother Keziah in the slightest.

"The MACOs know what the score is and are ready to go. Some didn't like taking orders from me - for reasons which I think you can probably guess - so I've found appropriate replacements" Keziah said.

Sora, equally unfazed by the flying coffee, decided to bring the meeting back onto a constructive path. "I do not know about you others, but I know exactly what I am here for. If we want to build a better Empire, we will need a fleet. I know where to get one. One that has defeated the Empire before, and will again. But getting there will be tricky. And it will be dangerous. Very dangerous."

She paused and looked around the room before taking a PADD out of her coat pocket and continuing. "I worked out all the necessary calculations, but unfortunately that's the easiest part." She looked directly at the Captain. "Captain, you know what my proposal is. I've found a few ways to do it. All of them very tricky. But looking around this room I see determined, capable people. We could do this, but as the Captain said, we need to stop bickering and get on with it."

Mavis sighed. This was going to be a difficult crew to keep together. "Fine" she said. "This was obvious a disaster. Not how I wanted it to go" she told them all. "Everyone have your departments ready to ship out at 08:00 tomorrow morning. Get in status reports to me by the end of the afternoon shift" she said simply. "We've all got work to do and a lot of trust to build between each other. Dismissed"

Keziah sighed and stood up before walking out of the room. She wasn't pleased by the amount of bickering and felt this briefing had been a waste of her time - time that could have been spent trying to work out who could be persuaded to join the TGU's cause.

The Gorn rose, gave the proper salute - despite how it irked him - and departed without another word. He had a ship to maintain.

Mavis let out an audible sigh. She looked around the room one final time before turning on a heel and striding out of the room. This crew was going to be difficult, but deep down she knew eventually they will grow to trust each other. They all had a common goal, freedom and that's all they needed.

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