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Posted on Mon Oct 7th, 2019 @ 8:19pm by Lieutenant JG Thelin Th' Zarish & Captain Mavis Vermillion & Ensign Georgette Lemare

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Location: Starbase 84 bar

Thelin was sitting at the bar, basically propping himself up with his elbow. In the glass in front of him was a generous portion of Andorian ale, his favorite drink. He downed it.

"Keep em coming." He said.

"Sure you can handle it, Smurf?" The barkeep said.

Thelin scowled at the man. "Been so far, haven't I?" He slurred.

A couple of stools down the bar a young looking woman with brown hair tied in twin tails, blue eyes and wearing a Terran Medical uniform sat observing from a distance. Ensign Georgette Lemare was discretly watching the Andorian while enjoying the bottle of French red wine she had just purchased.

She took a sip of her wine and looked over. "You know an Andorian doesn't have as high a tolerance for Alcohol than a Human" she stated simply.

"Now they tell me." Thelin said, laughing.

Georgette sighed. "Shouldn't you know that already?" She said back slightly surprised. She wasn't sure why she was even speaking to this guy. She had only come back aboard the Starbase to stock up on her own supplies and have some time to herself before she was needed back on the Asha.

"Oh I knew." The andorian said. "Just celebrating freedom from my old ship. Bunch of pains in the nether regions."

Georgette simply sighed and turned back to her drink. "Freedom huh..." she said. She had only reassigned herself to the Asha yesterday, she was taking a break from all the craziness, hence why she was sitting in the bar. "What do you call freedom Andorian?"

"Not having to return the shuttle I "acquired" from my former commander for one thing." Thelin laughed. "They'll realize their mistake in treating me like dirt when they try to use the replicator. Hope they like combat rations."

Georgette rolled her eyes as she turned back to her wine. She just sighed at how childish this strange Andorian could be. She couldn't help but wonder what ship he had come from.

"All I'm saying is don't transfer to the ISS Jared. Piece of shit Miranda with an idiot captain. " he continued.

Georgette sighed. So this Andorian was once a Terran officer just like herself. She turned back to him. "How exactly are you going to do now? Desertion from the Empire has only one sentence. You're playing a risky game"

"As of yet. I don't know. Was hoping to find passage on a freighter but I struck out here".

"Why not join another Terran Ship?" Georgette asked. She placed the empty wine glass down on the bar. "Theres one here looking for crew right now" she explained to him. "You really think that a freighter captain would want to smuggle a traitor?"

"Then why would a Terran Captain?" He asked.

"Mavis... I mean Captain Vermillion is very different" Georgette stated. She stood up to head towards the exit. "If you decide to save your own life, seek her out and you'll finally be a free man" she said simply. "Thats what I did..."

"Can you lead me to her? Beats sitting around waiting for imperial security to find me." The Andorian said

"Docking port twelve. But you'll have to contact the captain yourself" Georgette said. "Be aware, shes not what you're expecting. You won't take a single step on that ship until you convince her that you're worth the risk"

-Docking port twelve--

It wasn't long before Thelin found himself at Dock 12. He swallowed before he approached the Security officer...the armed security officer. " Uh hello. I recieved word that this ship was looking for crew?"

"Inside. CO is on deck one. I trust you can read?"

"I'll muddle through. " Thelin grumbled as he boarded. He entered a lift and made his way to what he assumed was the COs office. He nervously rang the chime

Mavis who was at the time enjoying a nice strong cup of tea looked up from her desk. She had no idea who might be disturbing her now. "Come in" she called simply.

Thelin did just that. "Captain Vermillion? Your name was recommended to me." Thelin began. "About signing on crew."

Mavis looked up at the Andorian in front of her. "And you are?" She asked simply.

"Thelin th'Zarish. Formerly of the ISS Jared. Now between ships."

Mavis raised sn eyebrow. "The Jared huh... and what made you desert your crew and end up infront if me now?" She asked. "What do you aim to accomplish today?"

"Honestly, not be arrested. " he grinned. "As for the desertion, its...personal. Suffice it to say, it's not wise to whip your handyman."

Mavis raised an eyebrow at his response. At least he was being honest with her. "I can give you a position aboard this ship, but you'll have to swear your loyalty to me. I need good crew right now, but you'll be also classed as a free officer and citizen. You'll have the same rights as everyone else. But if you betray me or this crew, it will not bode well in your favour. Do you understand that?" Mavis explained to him simply.

"Clear as crystal, Captain. " Thelin said simply.

"Good" Mavis said. "Now. What are you good at? Whats your speciality?" She asked.

"I'd guess if it came down to a department. "He began. "Ooerations."

Mavis shuffled a few PADD's around on her desk and finally selected one. She held it out to him. "Then if you wish, you can become this ships new Chief of Operations. On this PADD is a contract and transfer orders for you to sign and a list of duties" she said simply. "You will need clearance by medical and will need to report into the XO for duty rostering" she explained to him. "Don't throw this opportunity away" she warned him.

He nodded, placing his thumb on the padd. "I'll do my best."

"Good" Mavis replied simply. "If there isn't anything else, then dismissed" she said simply. She wanted to see how this Andorian would play out and I'd he meant what he said.

"Aye, Captain he said as he walked out

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