Mistrust and Determination

Posted on Mon Nov 11th, 2019 @ 1:17am by Captain Mavis Vermillion

Captains Log, Imperial Starship Asha...

It's been just over a week since I docked the Asha at Starbase Eighty Four. So far, I've not seen any resistance from the Empire. It seems like my father has come through for us and made it all look official. I have not heard any news regarding myself or this crew. But I doubt that means the end of the dangers out there.

I believe that the crew are ready to get underway. We still have some senior staff spots to fill, but I'm sure we'll find them along the way. We've been coping well so far, and I'm getting board of sitting around doing nothing in this hell hole.

The Asha herself is looking good. She was fresh out of the shipyard when I 'acquired' her. There were still a few things to be done, but my new Chief Engineer has pretty much got it all sorted. For a Gorn he's a pretty decent officer, I know that the Empire doesn't really see them in a positive light. Thats one things I want to change, since the rise of the Empire again we've become arrogant, cocky and not learnt from the past.

I do not want to see anyone enslaved again, I think its wrong and we are above that. We are a Terran ship, but I have more Alien crew than Terrans; not that I ming, but I find it unique as most of them have problems with how the Empire has treated them. I believe together we can finally start to make a difference.

I'm getting off topic here... Well, for the log the first briefing was a fucking disaster. I talk about how unique we are, but that doesn't stop us from being different. I have no idea how long its going to take to get this crew to work together. It's probably going to take some time to adapt to each other, and get used to each other's ways of doing things.

I think I should mention that there is an element of mistrust amongst the crew. This is not unusual for a new crew and just like working together it could take some time. Officially a Captain should trust her crew, but I seem to be a bit wart of them. Even though I have entered into a rather... strange relationship with Lieutenant Commander Kor, that of a sexual one. I still think he's got things in his past that he won't tell me or that he doesn't want me to know.

I intend to find out.

I intend to keep this crew alive, and to accompany our mission. I want to bring down this pathetic excuse of an Empire, and build something better, stronger where everyone is equal. If we keep fighting each other, what do we have to fight our enemies? The Terran Empire if a bloody disaster, and I am going to show them what a determined crew can do!

End log