Honour & Blood

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The ISS Asha heads out on its first free mission. Captain Vermillion orders the ship to explore along the edge of the frontier known to the Empire. However not all is what ot seems when the Asha picks up a distress call from a old Klingon vessel.

The Klingon Vessel, the IKS Ge'roth left Quo'nos over a hundred years ago in an attempt to escape the rule of the Terran Empire. But when it got caught in the upper chromosphere of a gas giant, attempting to avoid a Terran scout ship, its only savior is the ISS Asha.

How will the Klingons react to their oldest enemy rendering them assistance and how will the crew of the Asha respond?

Mission Group Season 1 - Create your own Destiny.
Start Date Sat Oct 12th, 2019 @ 5:00am

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