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Modern History of the Terran Empire

The First Terran Empire

21st and 22nd Century

Zefram Cochrane killed the first Vulcan to set foot on Earth with a shotgun. The Terrans looted the Vulcan ship and reverse-engineered its technology.

Terran forces by this point have conquered Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar Prime, Denobula, and Gorlan. They have expanded their empire by stealing technology, conquering planets and expanding their fleet of starships.

The USS Defiant (A Federation Constitution Class Starship from the Future), pulled through a spacial anomoly is captured by the Terrans. Originally captured by Commander Jonathan Archer, he is betrayed by Hoshi Sato, whom used the Defiant advanced weapons to conquer Earth and becomes Empress Hoshi Sato.

23rd Century


The Empire controled all of known space. It had rendered Qo'noS uninhabitable but still faces some opposition from rebel forces; an alliance of Klingons, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites who were opposed to the Empire.

Many of these rebels were, however, wiped out by the Emperor's flagship. The Emperor however subsequently disappeared in a coup attempt, and the coup leader and his forces were killed when the Emperor's flagship were destroyed.

An Ion storm causes Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise to swap places with Captain Kirk of the ISS Enterprise. Prime James T. Kirk was able to convince mirror Spock that the barbaric ways of the Empire need to change.

Spock subsequently rose to become Commander-in-Chief of the Empire and began to implement a policy of change (peace and disarmament). Unfortunately these reforms also weakened the Empire and made vulnerable to conquest by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Although the Empire put up a valiant fight it was defeated and the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance took control of the Terran Empire. Thus ending the First Terran Empire.

Terran Rebellion of the 24th Century

24th Century

In 2372, the Terran Resistance managed to build the ISS Defiant from stolen plans from the United Federation of Planets of their USS Defiant. With some help from Captain Benjamin Sisko the ISS Defiant defended Terok Nor and undertook military actions in the Bajor Sector.

The influence began to rise and soon the Terrans Rebelled and reformed the Terran Empire, forcing the Klingon and Cardassians out. The Empire began to re-arm and sent agents through to the Federation to steal their technology and plans. This allowed them to build starships and rebuild their empire.

The Second Terran Empire

25th Century - Current Day

The Terran Empire has reconquered several systems and have been expanding rapidly. They had even begun to send incursions into the Prime Universe to gain tactical and military advantages.

Terran Ships under command of Admiral Leeta, a Bajoran from Bajor began to aid the True Way in the Prime Universe. Some saw this as a bad move, as they were working with Cardassians, their old enemy.

Terok Nor was taken to the Prime Universe to attack Deep Space Nine to gaina foothold in the Prime Universe for the Terran Empire. However the plan failed and Admiral Leeta was forced back to the Empire, disgraced and with a huge loss of temporal and advanced dreadnoughts.

Current day. The Empire is still expanding. However after the defeat of Terok Nor and with the strength of Admiral Leeta in question, there are many Terrans who are looking for new leadership, and many who are not confident in their emperor.