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Major Keziah Foster

Name Keziah Naomi Foster

Position MACO Commander

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran
Age 27
Date of Birth June 18th, 2383
Place of Birth Lismore, Australia, Earth
Allegiance Independant
Sexuality Homosexual
Languages Spoken Terran Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 119 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Keziah is in excellent physical condition - being 5'4" tall and weighing 119 lbs. She has long brown hair - which she usually ties into a ponytail - and brown eyes. Keziah often wears dark eye shadow and lipstick whether she's on or off duty - with these being down to a secret lack of confidence in her appearance


Partner Danica Foster (m. 2405)
Children Fearne Hoover (b. 2404; adopted)
Analia "Annie" Hoover (b. 2405; adopted)
Father Unknown
Mother Field Marshal Nealey Brinsley (Terran Galactic Union)
Commander Madison Brinsley (stepmother; by marriage)
Sister(s) 2nd Lieutenant Victoria Brinsley (b. 2389)
Other Family Captain Marley Snowdon (ISS Nelson) (auntie)
Commodore Briegel Foster (ISS Victoria) (mother-in-law)
Lieutenant Caroline Foster (ISS Victoria) (sister-in-law)
Paul Foster (father-in-law)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keziah is a loyal, cunning and ambitious individual who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Keziah does not feel any loyalty to the Terran Empire - seeing her mother's Terran Galactic Union as the answer to the Terran Empire's weak leadership. It is Keziah's desire to see the Empire's current leadership replaced with one which is more tolerant and is willing to compromise to ensure the future security of its citizens
Strengths & Weaknesses Keziah is a strong leader and an extremely knowledgeable tactician. She is an excellent marksman and also excels in close quarters and hand to hand combat. Keziah is also extremely cunning and isn't afraid to use that to get what she wants

Although she has built up a strong reputation Keziah has a tendency to play the "Do you know who my mother is?" card in a bid to get what she wants. She is also highly ambitious - perhaps too ambitious - and also intolerant of people making mistakes no matter how big or small
Ambitions Keziah has plans to overthrow her mother as leader of the Terran Galactic Union - and ultimately take control of the empire herself - with her sister Victoria at her side as her second in command
Hobbies & Interests Keziah enjoys collecting bladed and energy weapons from all eras. She has been known to go to great lengths to acquire rarer or more valuable weapons to add to her collection - something which Keziah goes to great lengths to protect at all costs

Personal History Keziah was born to her mother Nealey Brinsley and an unknown father in April 2383. Soon after she was born Keziah's mother joined Starfleet - training to become a MACO. Four years later Keziah and her mother were assigned to the ISS Endurance which was under the command of Commodore James Grundy

Before long it was clear to Nealey that the Terran Empire and Starfleet were not what they were made out to be. Nealey quickly became disillusioned with the Empire and started to quietly build up her own army to overthrow the Empire once the timing was right. After Commodore Grundy got wind of Nealey's plan he had her transferred to the ISS Victoria - although the damage was already done and the seeds of doubt had been sown across the Commodore's flagship

Keziah followed her mother to the Victoria where she quickly rose through the ranks by recruiting more allies and eliminating those who were against her. Within a matter of months Keziah's mother had seized command of the Victoria's MACO detachment. Much to Nealey's surprise however she found an ally in the Victoria's Commanding Officer - who also felt the same way

On Keziah's fifth birthday - 18th April 2388 - the Terran Galactic Union seized control of the ISS Endurance and ISS Victoria - quickly followed by the ISS Gneisenau, Renown and Vindex. When Keziah asked her mother why she was doing what she was doing all she was told was that "it was for the greater good and a better empire for everyone"

The Terran Galactic Union's fledgling fleet annexed an uninhabited star system and Keziah joined her mother on the union's capital planet - Nova Mercia. They were soon joined by Nealey's partner Madison Mulholland - who became Keziah's stepmother when they married in November 2388

Keziah's life on Nova Mercia was mostly uneventful until November 2389 when she became a sister to Victoria Brinsley. Keziah quickly formed a bond with her sister and saw herself as her sister's protector due to their mother's frequent absences. Nealey had promoted herself to the rank of General and position of Commander-in-Chief of the Union's Marine detachment

At the age of thirteen Keziah decided that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps and become a Marine. The Union had now grown in size and was now a force to be reckoned with - but Keziah didn't want to just be a part of the cause - she wanted to control the Union herself

On the day after her eighteenth birthday Keziah enrolled in the Union's academy to train to become a Marine. Although tempted to begin finding allies for her future leadership bid Keziah decided it would be best to build up a reputation first. After all - she would be attempting to depose her own mother, Fleet Admiral Kaufmann, General Tolan and Admiral Jones - all of whom were popular leaders

At the age of 22 she was assigned to the ISS Victoria - her mother's personal flagship. It was on the Victoria where Keziah met and later married her future wife Danica Foster - opting to take her wife's name to try and distance herself from her mother as part of her future plans to take over the Union

Keziah was promoted to First Lieutenant in 2406 and to Captain the following year. In 2408 she was promoted to Major and given command of the Victoria's MACO detachment - although it was clear that her mother had plans for her. She wanted Keziah to use her skills to infiltrate the Terran Empire and feed back sensitive tactical information to the Union

After two years of resisting her mother's wishes Keziah agreed to the plan - on the condition that her sister joined her. Victoria had only completed three of her four years of training - although Keziah reassured Nealey that she would help Victoria to complete her final year during their assignment. It was then that Keziah decided that she needed to take control of the Union sooner rather than later - and would begin to set her plans into motion upon her return

Official Record Jacket

Commission Officer
Department MACO
Serial Number KF-247422590-V
Training/Education Training in the use of close quarters and hand to hand combat
Training in the use of energy weapons
Training in the use of ordnance weapons
Training for survival in extreme conditions
Qualifications Qualifications in primary and secondary education
Terran Galactic Union Marine Academy
Commendations Terran Galactic Union Distinguished Service Cross
Terran Galactic Union Medal of Valour
Service Record Terran Galactic Union:
2401-05: Terran Galactic Union Marine Academy (Cadet)
2405: Graduated at the rank of 2nd Lieutenant
2405-06: ISS Victoria NCC-2054 (Marine)
2406: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
2406-07: ISS Victoria NCC-2054 (Marine detachment Executive Officer)
2407: Promoted to Captain
2407-10: ISS Victoria NCC-2054 (Marine detachment Commanding Officer)
2408: Promoted to Major
2410-pres: Classified

Terran Empire:
2410-pres: ISS Asha NCC-93292 (MACO detachment Commanding Officer)
Medical History No medical conditions of concern