Find your own destiny, this is the Imperial Star Ship Asha!

"You can take what life gives you, or you can take what you want from life. Your choice!"

The year is 2410, and all is not good in the Terran Empire. With Admiral Leeta screwing with time in the Bajoran sector, and the Empire constantly being challenged by the United Federation of Planets; several soldiers of the empire are becoming restless.

Mavis Vermillion, a young soldier of the Empire became irritated and annoyed at what was occuring around her. She decided that she wanted to change, some say that she had become corrupt from the ideals of the United Federation of Planets, but she saw merit in their philosophies, and after the teachings of Spock knew that Humans were more than just an empire.

She set out on her own personal mission, to get her hands on a Starship, and to do shape her own destiny and walk her own path. No one was going to hold her back, and with a few select friends whom she trusted, she stole the ISS Asha right out of a Terran Shipyard, took it for her own and set off to find a crew who want to do more than just serve a corrupt Emperor.

ISS Asha Rating System

Language - Level 3 - Swearing and mature language is permitted.

Sexual/Mature Content - Level 2 - Sexual content is permitted, with some limitations.

Violence - Level 3 - Graphic violence is permitted.

This is an 18+ sim. Meaning no one under the age of 18 years can join this simulation.

Current Mission

Latest Mission Posts

» A New Journey Begins

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 11:04pm by Commander Sora Svanirsdottir & Captain Mavis Vermillion

Sora was sat by the window in the observation lounge, staring out into space. Seventeen years ago, to this day, an ion storm in the Badlands had claimed the Cromwell, with all hands lost - including her older sister, Freya. But she had always felt that something was off. She…

» Medical Checkup

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 10:40pm by Lieutenant Lazarus Kord & Ensign Georgette Lemare


It had been a short few days of introduction to the ship following his scuffle with the Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Lieutenant Commander Kor. Since then things had seemed to normalize in a way that was unfamiliar to Lazarus, but altogether not unwelcomed. He seemed to be of…

» The Lizard on the Table (Part 2)

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 10:01pm by Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord


He looked over his shoulder and noticed they were heading toward a wall. Tristan had to act quickly in order to avoid being slammed against it and being cornered. Once they were close enough he raised one leg, allowing it to be placed against the wall itself, bracing him…

» The Lizard on the Table (Part 1)

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 9:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Tristan Kor & Lieutenant Lazarus Kord


Lazarus Kord worked dutifully at his station. Since his encounter with Captain Vermillion, he had kept his word that he'd put all his effort into his work. It had taken some getting used to for his uniform, that much was only half of the issues he had dealt with,…

» Docking Port Drama

Mission: Adventure Awaits
Posted on Wed Sep 11th, 2019 @ 8:05am by Captain Mavis Vermillion & Ensign Georgette Lemare

Ensign Georgette Lemare stepped over the docking port of the transport ship. The young woman dressed in a Starfllet Medical uniform smiled as she made her way onto Starbase 84. She was there for one reason, ro find Mavis Vermillion.

"Hey" she said addressing the docking port guard. "The Asha.…